Sally A. Mays, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Sally A. Mays, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Sally A. Mays, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Areas of Specialization

Anxiety, Trauma and Stress

What causes us to feel anxious? Worried, tense, always trying to think five steps ahead? Or perhaps worse, withdrawing from valued people and activities so we don’t have to feel stressed?

Telling ourselves things will most likely go wrong
Underestimating our own abilities

Therapy can increase your confidence and help you learn to make sure your beliefs and your actions line up so that you are able to accomplish the things you care about. Anxiety is one of the most intense but also one of the most treatable mental health symptoms. Whether you are experiencing panic attacks, social anxiety, obsessions and compulsions, or chronic worry and rumination, I use evidence- based cognitive-behavioral therapies to help you get control of your anxieties and return to valued activities.

Those who have experienced trauma have learned through experience that the world is not always a safe place. They may have fragmented but intrusive memories, avoid thoughts and situations that remind them of the trauma, and have trouble relaxing and engaging with others. Therapy can help make sense of a difficult history and regain a sense of meaning and control.

Life Transitions

Adapting to change is part of life but it can also be overwhelming. Whether it is a new medical diagnosis, marriage or divorce, changing professional roles, or navigating changing relationships, therapy can help you clarify your values and needs, communicate more effectively, and choose environments and people that bring out your best self.

Mood Disorders

I treat teens and adults that struggle with depression and difficulty regulating emotion. I use strategies such as motivational interviewing, behavioral activation, cognitive reframing, and supportive therapy to help clients maintain healthy habits and build effective coping skills. Although many instances of depression and other mood disorders are biologically-based and may respond well to medication, research indicates that the addition of therapy results in longer-lasting, more stable gains in mood regulation. Together, we can look at stressors that may seem hopeless and work to gain a greater sense of effectiveness, meaning, and energy.

New Parenthood

Having a child changes your life, and research shows it also literally changes your brain. New mothers (and fathers) may feel overwhelmed, foggy, anxious, on the verge of tears, and may have trouble controlling negative images and fears. Parenting also brings on changes in relationships with partners and extended family. Whether these changes are temporary or part of clinical post-partum depression or anxiety, you deserve to feel heard and gain some strategies to get back to a grounded sense of well-being. As the mother of 3 young kids, I understand the challenges of balancing parenting with all of life’s other roles and welcome you to bring your baby to therapy (or leave them at home to create some space for yourself – whatever fits best).

Adolescents and College Students

A strong relationship is one of the most important elements of successful therapy, and this is doubly true for teenagers. I connect with teenagers on a personal level using humor and understanding while also providing evidence-based interventions for concerns such as social and other anxieties, mood dysregulation, self-injury, and stress. I am also available for consultation for parents of teens experiencing mental health concerns, who often need support themselves.

As a former college counseling center therapist, I also have experience helping college students maintain their mental health while adjusting to campus life. I can coordinate services with campus agencies such as Disability Support Services and am licensed to practice telehealth in 27 states.


I provide the following types of assessments regularly to clients aged 18 and up. I am available to consult about other needed assessments on a case by case basis.

  • Pre-surgical assessments (such as pre-bariatric surgery)
  • Adoption evaluations
  • Adult ADHD evaluations

Please do not use this form to submit confidential health information. This form should not be used for emergency services. In case of emergency, please call 911, Anne Arundel County Crisis Response (410-768-5522) or text “home” to 741741 for 24 hour support.